Sunday, December 19, 2010

It melts. again. :(

It melts. Again :(


I took few of my times writing this out, updating what really had happened today. 2 bad news. 1 good news.

The good news is, the rebellious Russians demonstration ended peacefully with the snow falling in the midnight (which was yesterday). The bad news, firstly, is I’m not going to play single; I’ve lost to Tan Eei Ling, a Sabahan Chinese who was a state player. You know, Eei Ling is not boy, she’s a girl who plays like a boy (seriously, she did play like a boy). Back then, it was my fault really. I was really tired last night, doing nothing. Just tired. You know, perhaps this already happened to you guys, when some of your friends made a joke, you can’t even barely laugh. It was not because you’re being dumped by a girl, it’s not like you failed your Biochemistry test (ah, might be, like I already screwed up my test T.T), it just like feeling moody without any reasons. I guess, if Husaini slaps me in the face 100 times, I might say “Go on, I like nociception”. Okay, that’s totally a lie. I might kick him just before he thinks of slapping me. =)

OH, Sorry Husaini, I’m not saying anything bad. *He’s singing Siti Nurhaliza’s songs which totally wrecked my head off -.-“”*

Second bad news is, the snow is melting back, all the way to water. Or, should I say, snow mud. This is SO-NOT-WINTER!!!

Suddenly, I’m bringing back what I already thought, and maybe the same thing like what Albert Einstein thought, years ago. It’s time. It’s the time to think about time. No I mean, soon, later, after, already; it’s all about time. Life is time. It’s a timeline, exactly. It starts and it ends. Just like this freaking snow that fell last night, and today, it’s melting, again. Perhaps, I shouldn’t be so damn excited about this snow-thing, because, however, it will melt. Again.

Have you ever felt like this?

“Wah, what a very long day. When this is going to end? When when?”

“It’s another 5 minutes for the Russian class to finish, why it took so long to wait ah?”

Seriously, time is not what we think as ‘time’ is. Time is not just 60 seconds equals to 1 minute, and 60 minutes equals to 1 hour, and 24 hours equals to 1 day. It’s just A UNIT. Allah never tells us about this. Not in the Quran, not even in hadiths. How come I’m being so sure about this?

Allah implies time, is not just a unit. Unit of time is actually expandable, nevertheless, repressible. Our life timeline is perfectly arranged. It has the starting point, and it has end point. But time is actually, like Einstein said: it do really correlates with space. In a small space, the time is quite fast. That’s is why sometime, we feel everything happens so fast, and sometimes, it happens so slow, like you ever thinking “How I wish I could just pass this, and nothing going to happen!”- It’s a common sentence 1 day before the exam, with 9857462343234234 pages to read more. Wait a second, Quran is a complete guide, how come the Quran didn’t explain anything about this. Seriously, nothing?

Obviously, no! Quran did explain about these thousand years ago, nothing about those time units seconds, day, actually. Surah al-Asr, is a basic indication, of what is actually Allah tries to tell us, the humans. What did Surah Al-Asr said?


(1) By time,
(2) Indeed, mankind is in loss,
(3) Except for those who believed and done righteous deed and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.


There’s something really peculiar about this verse, I mean, the third verse, “…advised each other to patience.” This is for me, not just as simple as it literally means. There’s an essence that I understand it, in my own POV.

Why it is ‘patience’ is considered with time? Why?

Because, impatience and patience, do have relation with time. We are impatience. We can’t wait for anything. Thus, how come? Impatience, in my POV, I define this as: “A small timeline, with long frame rates (space) which people really can’t endure in each frame”. Ah, never mind, no one will understand this.

Urm, have you ever heard the ‘ratio’ of time in Al-Quran? I can’t remember it, though. Nevertheless, it sounds more or less like this: “1 day in Hell equals to 1000 days in the real world, and so on…” (Can someone add something for this? I don’t know the full or the exact sentences, whether it is hadith or not). But it does indicate, there is space within time.

So, here it kind of pictorial way of telling what I mean:

Anyway, gotta go, got some work to do. Salam.

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