Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The snow melted already, and my shoes wet. That's why I really hate winter. When the snow/sneg(in Russian) melt. Today was kinda rainy day, that's why the snows are melting pretty fast. Hope tonight gonna be a ice 'kacang' coming down. ^.^

Anyway, don't be offended by my last post, I did it certainly to a particular person. Disappointed really. She can be all she wants, non of my business after all.


Last night, I just finished my newest movie, which was, the "Despicable Me". I thought it was, an action movie, I mean, not 3D cartoon. But, it was a great cartoon, you guys should watch it. Again, instead of Korean movies, just watch the cartoon. Seriously, if you didn't laugh at all, you don't have a 'sense of humor' though.

Everytime I just wonder, why does people still look me like I was an ex-Badar? Like today, like last week, like last last week. Sigh. Sorry, I did everything so that you guys suppose to look at me like laknat-disgrace-ex-Badar. Sigh. Nevermind.


The main thing I wanna post here is, today I saw a camera. Kind of new. A Nikon. Not D7000 (gosh, D7000 will arrive here in Volgograd in 2015, I bet). But, the maximum-freaking-me-out Nikon D3s. "I love that fluffy unicorn, I wanna die !!!" - a kid in Despicable Me said. Same goes to me, "I love that D3s Nikon DSLR, I wanna freaking die !!!". Seriously, they sell that camera for only around 186 000 Roubles ONLY. Opps, in other word, around RM 18 000. The body only. Yes, I mentioned 'only'. Which bring to my words again: "I wanna freaking..."

"DIE !!!".

No I mean, I'll die if I buy it. You now, eating sands from 1 January to 31 December 2011, drink Pipe-besi, enjoy snow-cream, which are all totally FREE-OF-CHARGE-KEEP-THE-CHANGE. I'm not gonna buy it anyway. I want my D7000. Full-stop. But, hell when? I've got RM 400 in my account, so that thing, around RM 5000, including all other accessories, bla bla.

So, I think I'll go for an Instax. Girlish, yeah. But, it saves, my money, and I can get that in no time. I'm touring Europe this year, summer, so DSLR, I should buy it.

Can someone tell me, did Fujifilm Instax saves all the picture taken in memory card? or, it'll just print everything everytime once, I capture a picture? Gosh, I really need to save up my money. No hope for the American dollars currency value gonna rise up, really. America sucks. They got Apple, this and that, but, still, why do you guys still economy crisis nightmare?

I'll never trust dollar. Again.

K, bye-bye, Salam.

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