Monday, December 27, 2010


I would like to say thanks to, first and foremost, the election committee for doing a very nice and very very very very very very systematic jobs plus seriously we, the students, really love your effort in making out the great improvement and ideas; the MSA dissolution and few awards. I was totally surprised, by then, we indeed also surprised by that. It gives our community a great appreciation throughout what they have done; Arvinraj, Husainy, and so on. *clapping*

Nevertheless, not to be a racist here, but congrats to those who won and got the place in MSA positions, although most of the positions are conquered by the Malays. Malays or not, for me, if once you've got the responsibilities, get it done nicely, beautifully, and efficiently. You are holding the ultimate trusts from our communities, thus, everything and everyone is relying on you. Please, don't make us disappointed. I'm a bit disappointed when the election ended, some group of 'people' left the hall with a 'sad' face. We shouldn't be like that. All that we can do is to support them, because after this, a great change gonna happen, hence, the unity will be the main mission ahead of us.

All that happened there, for me, the most precious thing I did there is, thanking Chan Sin Chai (our ex-MSA president) and Johan Ariff for their contributions and helps when I was in Malaysia, having trouble alone with my VISA, while others are blinding their eyes thinking nothing happened *for certain people only*.

"We voted for a change, then let the change votes for us"


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