Monday, December 27, 2010

Hari Penentuan?

Enough relaxing yesterday, today started with a happy yet a lucky day, indeed. I was totally happy about today, I don't know I'll be happy or not after that MSA election, but, for 18 hours 46 minutes, totally worth. I didn't get any presents or kisses, or hugs, or whatever that commonly human gets, but, what I got is, a question.

Don't freaking wonder an 'out of the box question', seriously, I was just glad that I've got an easy question for Physiology class discussion today. It's not that 'yeay', but for someone who didn't prepare anything at all by just sleeping all night after a tiring paintball match, I think that is so awesome. I opened the Physiology book during the class was about to start, started reading few things which commonly I didn't know how to 'goreng' them, then fed up. I thought, maybe I just can get an extra help there; ask your friend to explain everything to you. Since my teacher is 'mrs-follow-name-list', so everything was so 'predictable'. I read all the things that I predicted, then, done. Actually, I didn't read 'all', only few of them. Owh yeah.

Yesterday, we had a wonderful (?) paintball match. Owh, this is so 'SPM-like' essay (I never wrote factual essay p.s), hope you guys can bare with this. Owh, well maybe Meera Banu can bare with this. Anyway, it's not that paintball match that I was so excited so so much to tell you, but, it was during our journey, what we talked about. Apparently, I didn't talk much, but, my seniors, Abang Syazwan and Anuar talked much. Obviously it's about politic, here in Volgograd. There's the truth in what they had spoken. Maybe for some people, it's an offense, but, seriously, how Abang Syazwan sees things, and how Abang Anuar/Anwar agreed with that, that's so weird, totally out of from what I've expected, especially about Abang Anwar. He explained lots of thing, mainly about:

"What they called 'Islam', but it's not Islam. But what they called 'not Islam', is really 'Islam'.

Obviously, what our religion taught us, like dancing and singing is not encouraged, it's like a 'wrong things' to do. It's on 'black and white' side. People sees like that. For me, Abang Syazwan said that, here in Volgograd, now, we are so vernacularism (or what ever you wanna call them), where, Muslims with Muslims, Hindus with Hindus, and Christians with Christians, and Buddhists with Buddhists. It isn't wrong, but, we admitted that we are Malaysians. Malaysia means Malays, Indians, Chinese, Ibans, Kadazans, Singhs, or whatever it is, and so be it. Don't expect one Malaysia in here. Seriously, it is not 1Malaysia. He said: "Dulu tak cam ni doh. Dulu time aku padfak (preparatory course), kalau raye je, semua India, Cina, sekali tolong masak semue. Lain doh sekarang, bila dah ramai, semua dah mula berpisah". "Aku rasa kita kena buat Malam Aspirasi kita sendiri". What I shocked is, "Aku setuju dengan mu etong (abang Syazwan)" said Abang Anwar.

"Kita kat sini pikir nak Islam tuh, macam pemerintahan negara polis. Gunakan kuasa. Memang kuasa itu salah satu cara, tapi, bukannya yang utama. Apa yang utama, lihat balik maksud Islam, iaitu 'sejahtera'. Buat apa kita nak boikot itu, boikot ini. Banyak orang fikir, Islam itu perlu jadi seperti 'Islam-orthodox" (tak ingat, tapi maksud dia macam islam tegar, so I put 'Islam-orthodox'). Semua macam 'mu kena ikut cakap aku'. Islam tak begitu, Islam sejahtera. Kita patut menganjurkan Malam Aspirasi macam yang kat Moscow buat tuh, sebab, itu menggalakkan kerjasama. Cuma, adalah batasan-batasan dia, tak perlu terlampau liar, terutamanya Islam. Ada sajak, ada syair, ada nyanyian, tarian biasa-biasa, sudah mencukupi, apa yang penting, isi di dalamnya. Sini, orang yang fikir 'islam', bila dengar 'Malaysian Night' sudah macam-macam, semuanya teruk, semua kafir, semuanya dosa. Apa yang penting 'ISI' didalamnya."

He really opened my eyes. It's just USRAH USRAH USRAH, posting hadith this and that only, saying this and that, and MSA must be conducted by Muslims, what is important here is 'cooperation'. You said: Islam is not a name, it's a VERB. Apparently, you are making Islam is A NAME, A NOUN. Seriously, I don't need hadiths and Al-Quran to tell me this simple thing; how 'harmony' is so important, because, there's a lot of thing Allah created to us, the trees, air, animals, cats (?), not just al-Quran and us. We are given an akal, and brain, to think. Remember, Al-Quran and Hadith is not a rule which being set up, it's a 'GUIDANCE'. You said: "Pokok beralun ditiup angin, that is Islam, because it follows Sunnatullah (for Meera: it's like a rule being set up by Allah, like, if we kick a ball, then the ball move, so it follows Sunnatullah, but, if we kick the ball, then the ball DIDN'T move, so it's not Islam), but, look what have you done? You (some of the ehem ehem) discriminates others. Sorry, I have my weakness too, but, come on, I saying this for myself and you and you out there. Don't be so Orthodox, WHERE:

  1. "I cannot talk with men, even my classmates I should rarely talk"
  2. "Men cannot wear jersey with 'holy cross' logo on it.
  3. etc.
Dude, ya habibi sekalian, simply what I see from you guys are just bunch of 'matlamat menghalalkan cara'. When it comes to your side, "ouh it's okay, i can talk with you". When it comes to others, "NO NO effing NO you CAN'T !!". So sick of this. Really. I see, seriously, you guys can do what you guys wanna do, who is 'typically' just like you, when it comes to 'other' than you, then it is wrong. Tudung for example. When it comes to guys who are wearing England jersey, you so totally gonna say it WRONG! Nevertheless, when it come to you tudung,....(malas nak cakap, nanti ada yang panas) gonna say; "it's okay".

Conclusion is, be as 'Islam' as we want. And also, be as 'islam' as we should.

Sekian, and salam. Enjoy the pics:

Paintball in another region (Kirovsy region). We've got SECOND PLACE. OWH YEAH.

I love my cats, more than I love 'those' guys.

Keep the change y'all.

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Anonymous said...

nayom n chacha comeeeelll!!!!!!!! ahahahahahah!!! *semput*

Isyafiq Qamaal bin Ahmadi said...

aq suke shit r ngan explaination n pendapat ko...and aq agree giler mende rase kalau ko wat bnyak lg post cenggini lg bagos,at least aq ade point r nak hujah balik kat org y kononnye islam tp bukan islam.....thumbs up!!!!