Saturday, December 25, 2010


Just wondered, why suddenly my friends became moody. I mean, yeah I know, exam is just around the corner, but come on dude, life is not just meant for exams. Exams are not our life!!! So, chill dude. I seriously, kinda not understand why suddenly they became so freaking tension about exams, even though, you guys are much freaking more smarter than I am. Well, I'm not smart, I'm stupid, so guess you guys get what I mean, coz I do not even near to 'smart'. That's just awesome. Read lot of blogs recently, seemed actually my friends DID have blog already. Just started, or, long time ago already started, guess, I should say "welcome to the blogging world" where you guys can see me and how I screw my life.

Well that's just it. Am I propa?

So, for the blogs, they are just SO CUTE. I don't mean to be girlish here, but seriously, they-are-cute, with cute songs. Skip about the songs, coz' actually I just close them off, as it annoys. Actually, I didn't read that type of blog much. Except I.luv.Islam. So, either I'm high, or I'm freaking boring, 'that' type of blog, is seriously helping me. Like today, I know that the Prophet Solomon who are the first person in this world who wrote "Basmallah". That's so cool. I mean, it's cool, full-stop.

No, I really mean it, it's freaking cool.

Nevertheless, Im gonna say this: please don't write anything and hope that everyone gonna read your post. Because, it diminishes (?) your interest to write. I called this, 'keikhlasan berblogging'. Perh, I'm writing this like I'm a senior blogger. Well, I'm saying this, honestly, cesno-ly, tochno-ly, jujur-ly, because I like every single post you guys wrote. I know, I know, "Why? Kami tulis pasal diri kami, and letak hadis-hadis je..."

Well, I like it that way; when people writes. Because, when we write, we are trying to be who we want to be. Which is, totally not the same thing when you are in the real life. Life sucks, then made a new one in blog, maybe that's the way of finding our true life (?). I'm saying this because I like to read other's blog, although I'm feeling quite, u-n-c-o-m-f-o-r-t-a-b-l-e when others read my blog. Keep on writing, don't stop. If you stop, then...

Anyway, since all of sudden, my mood came back, Im gonna write about Chacha and Naomi. Well maybe my 'true' seniors (hafiz and fairuz) came to my house, made some noise, laughed bwahaha too much. Okay, I'm feeling sleepy right now. Better get thing fast.

Last Thursday, Suffian and Husaini suddenly came to me, who was surfing the internet, stalking few unknown-but-cun girls, and said "Hafidz, doh, pegi tolong anak-anak kucing kat bawah tuh, kene kejar ngan anjing, sekor comel gila, sekor lagi kurang sikit la, kalau nak amek bela, baik pegi amek anak-anak kucing tuh". Honestly, I was lazy that time, but, you know, curiosity seriously killed me. However, I'm coward afterall, so "Husaini, teman aku jap, pakai je seluar tiga suku ko tuh, kat bawah tu je kan?". Then, Suffian all of sudden excited gedik-ly, wanted to follow us also. Shto ever.

We went down, and saw two little freaking cuty-cuty-muty-cute kittens. When I called them, the much more cute one ran inside i-don't-know-how-to-describe, and the white one, just stood there and came to me. It was SO AWW. Then I saw that fucking gryaznii dog, so we took those kittens, and ran back into apartment. As soon as we stepped into the house, they were like "Whaaaat the F is this? Where are we?". Ah, like that. The cute one, just ran into Husaini's bed. It took about 15 minutes to find her, I didn't where the heck she hided. I'm so fat, so, yeah understand right why it was so hard to find her. But, soon as we found her, they got their name. Naomi and Chacha.

Chacha. Snow white one.

Naomi. She's cute, but, I captured suck-fully.

Anyway, don't make a 'uhh?' face why we called them like that. Actually Suffian and Husaini, not me. Cacha is from Acha Septriasa because, Suffian kind of obsessed with her, I don't know why, and Naomi, thought you guys already know, it is from Naomi Campbell, because Husaini was obsessed with the modeling yada yada.

Anyway, that evening (already night but it is aroung 4-5 o'clock) I decided to adopt them, so did Husaini and Suffian. For me, cats are part of my life. It's like a creature, who sent by God to let us treat them nicely, kindly, and we get bonuses from that. I mean in term of Pahala. Sabar or not. Nevermind. SO, I and Husaini went to bank, I withdrew all my money (around RM 500) to buy all the stuffs, the cage, the foods, the spray, shampoo, bla bla. But, I ended paying just around RM200 roughly. I was actually preparing for the worst. I was so freaking happy, although it is me who paid for everything, with my account zero (kan duit habis beli tiket flight dulu, so duit tiap-tiap bulan sebenarnya cukup makan je la), but, seeing those kittens running happily in my warm house, instead of playing in the cold weather, with poor hygiene, that is more than enough of what I wanted to help people. Apparently, they helped me already. Happy. Responsible. They are my true friends. Not humans. Humans are ruubish who actually be friend with people who are supposed to bring benefit to them without them giving any benefit to him/her. FUCK THAT!

I'd been in that place, so let's just admit it. So, don't talk about Islam in front of me, if this simple thing you can't obey. Help each other. Don't just redha redha. Psst.

Anyway, that's the simple story of how-i-met-your-kittens. That's all folks. Salam.

A 14 years old web designer from Kairouan, Tunisia. And then you write some more information about yourself like this to fill out the space that is left.

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meera said...

dei, i've always loved YOUR blog.. hahaha.. -am i making you u.c.o.m.f.o.r.t.a.b.l.e.?
hahhaha.. n the kittens, damn cuuuutteee! so do their name.. :D

how i met your kittens?? LOL.. sumpa shud be the 1st ever written history of these felines in volgo.. hahahks!!

Muhammad Hafidz Bin Hasan said...

meera: hahahahaha. you love my effing blog for whatt laa??? nothing here, i'm here totally different la from outside, so you might expect me as a losers. no, if said like this like 'dei i've always loved your blog' then it's okay laa. it's not that 'love' but, at least i know who are reading mine haha. what i afraid of here is, the unknown reader who read my blog then says something bad behind me.

anyway, thanxs visiting, buang yang keruh amek yang jernih from here. haha. anyway, i like you post about the Buddha (?) who ask someone to get him a drink from a lake. that is so WISE !!

meera said...

yea, that's why i like it.. different from what i see in real life. not only you, but also together with other things that i think people ought to.. menelan kenyataan.. ^^

me-no-kutuk-belakang-k?? in fact, nythng, i'll just voice up here. :)

xtualy, im sensing smth on the way u say "WISE". hehe..

niweis, keep 'firing' in your blogs.. :D

Muhammad Hafidz Bin Hasan said...

eh meera, seriously, I believe in philosophy of nature, so i seriously it was so WISE, and how Buddha concluded the phenomena was so cool.

ouh okeh, youre welcome to my blog anyway, just voice out anything here, i'll help you with anything.